I have had the pleasure of working with Vanguard Cyber Security for the past four years, and I can confidently say that they have exceeded my expectations in every way. Their level of expertise and professionalism is truly impressive. From day one, they have consistently demonstrated their commitment to ensuring the security of my business.

One of the aspects that sets Vanguard Cyber apart is their ability to identify and address potential security threats proactively. They leverage advanced technologies and stay ahead of the ever-evolving cyber landscape, enabling them to detect and mitigate threats before they can cause any harm. This proactive approach has provided me with invaluable peace of mind, knowing that my business is well-protected.

Another standout quality of Vanguard Cyber is their responsiveness. Whenever I have had questions or concerns, they have always been quick to respond with clear answers and well-thought-out action plans. This level of attentiveness and dedication to their clients is truly commendable.

Vanguard Cyber has proven their worth time and time again, guiding us through numerous potential business-level threats that could have had devastating consequences for our operations. They handled these situations smoothly, timely, and most importantly, cost-effectively. Their expertise and guidance have been instrumental in helping us achieve our technology infrastructure goals and objectives.

I am confident that organizations across industries would have a similar experience with Vanguard Cyber Security. Their commitment to excellence and their ability to tailor their services to meet the unique needs and requirements of individual organizations is truly remarkable.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Vanguard Cyber Security to any business in search of reliable and effective cybersecurity solutions. Their level of expertise, professionalism, and commitment to their clients is unmatched. Sam Vance and his team at Vanguard Cyber are true partners in safeguarding your business against cyber threats, and I am grateful to have them by my side.

Adam Reynolds President & CEO
Champion Industries, Inc.

I am writing this testimonial to express my utmost satisfaction and appreciation for the exceptional IT services provided by Vanguard Cyber, under the guidance of Sam Vance. Since partnering with Vanguard Cyber, my company has experienced remarkable improvements in responsiveness and support, which have had a profound impact on our operations.

One of the most significant benefits we have witnessed is Vanguard Cyber's unwavering commitment to addressing our needs promptly and efficiently. Regardless of the IT issues that arise, their team has consistently proven themselves as quick problem solvers, ensuring minimal downtime and allowing us to maintain smooth operations. This level of responsiveness is crucial for a national business like ours, as we work closely with major financial institutions and law firms across the United States. Vanguard Cyber's proactive approach to IT management has not only saved us valuable time but has also allowed us to allocate resources more effectively.

What truly sets Vanguard Cyber apart from other IT firms we have worked with in the past is their excellent customer service and genuine care for our success. They go above and beyond to understand our unique requirements and tailor their solutions accordingly. Given that we handle confidential information, their team's expertise and depth of knowledge in the IT industry have been invaluable in optimizing our systems and implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive data. Furthermore, their competitive pricing, coupled with the consistently high quality of service they deliver, makes them an outstanding choice in the market.

Based on my own experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Vanguard Cyber's services to anyone who is considering an IT firm. As a national business collaborating with prestigious financial institutions and law firms, the trust and confidence I have in Vanguard Cyber's abilities are a testament to the value they consistently provide. By choosing Vanguard Cyber, you can expect a reliable, knowledgeable, and customer-oriented IT partner that truly understands the unique challenges and requirements of working with prominent organizations. They will prioritize your needs, provide timely support, and contribute significantly to your overall success. I highly recommend giving Vanguard Cyber serious consideration as your trusted IT service provider.

Once again, I want to express my gratitude to Vanguard Cyber and Sam Vance for being a critical piece of our success. Their services have undoubtedly played a vital role in our growth and ability to serve our clients effectively.

J.D. Koontz JD Koontz, LLC

I cannot emphasize enough the immense benefits we have experienced since partnering with Vanguard Cyber and working closely with Sam Vance. The single biggest advantage to our company has been the excellent level of service and support we receive. Whenever there is an IT issue, their response time is truly impressive, and they consistently deliver successful results. Their promptness and effectiveness have greatly minimized downtime and allowed us to focus on our core business operations.

Compared to other IT firms we have worked with in the past, Vanguard Cyber stands out in their ability to handle any task, regardless of its size or complexity. No matter how small or large the issue may be, they have consistently demonstrated their expertise and commitment to resolving it. Their comprehensive approach ensures that no problem is overlooked, giving us the peace of mind that all IT matters are in capable hands.

If you find yourself on the fence about choosing Vanguard Cyber as your IT firm, let me assure you that you won't find a more efficient and professional team out there. Beyond their exceptional technical capabilities, what sets them apart is the level of personal attention and care they provide. Sam Vance, in particular, is an absolute pleasure to work with. His dedication, knowledge, and problem-solving skills are unmatched, and he consistently goes above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction.

Not only do you get access to cutting-edge IT solutions and expertise, but you also have the pleasure of working with two remarkable individuals who embody the highest standards of professionalism and customer service. I wholeheartedly recommend Vanguard Cyber and Sam Vance to anyone seeking an IT firm that delivers outstanding service, technical excellence, and genuine care for their clients' success.

Sandy Deppner Wright President
C.L. Ritter Lumber Company, Inc.

I cannot emphasize enough the immense benefits that Vanguard Cyber and Sam Vance have brought to me and my company since we enrolled in their managed services program. The positive impact has been truly transformative.

First and foremost, the feeling of security that Vanguard Cyber provides is invaluable. Knowing that our vital information is backed up and safe gives us peace of mind. With their watchful eyes on a control panel, monitoring information and potential threats, we are confident that our data is being safeguarded at all times.

The promptness of action is another standout feature of Vanguard Cyber. Whenever an issue arises, their response is almost immediate, ensuring that problems are resolved efficiently. This level of responsiveness is a true testament to their dedication and expertise.

Consistency is key, and Vanguard Cyber delivers. Since partnering with them, our IT issues have become almost non-existent. Their consistent services have allowed us to focus on our core business without worrying about technology disruptions or setbacks.

One area where Vanguard Cyber truly shines is their ability to provide recommendations based on the ever-changing IT environment. They keep us informed of necessary actions and updates, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve and maintain a robust IT infrastructure.

Compared to other IT firms we have worked with in the past, Vanguard Cyber stands out in several ways. They bring current knowledge and expertise directly to us, keeping us up to date with the latest technological advancements. Moreover, their deep understanding of our business sets them apart. They take the time to comprehend our unique needs and tailor their services accordingly, resulting in a seamless IT experience.

To those thinking about about choosing Vanguard Cyber as their IT firm, I would strongly urge them to talk to a current Vanguard client. Hearing firsthand about the exceptional services and support they provide will undoubtedly instill confidence. Additionally, sitting down and discussing any concerns with Sam Vance himself is highly recommended. His expertise and commitment to addressing client issues directly are unparalleled.

One critical piece of advice I would give is to ensure that any potential competitors put their promises in writing. Vanguard Cyber stands behind their commitments and delivers on their promises without hidden charges or surprise fees. Their transparent and trustworthy approach sets them apart.

Having experienced the frustrations of working with IT firms who lack understanding of our IT infrastructure, I can confidently say that Vanguard Cyber is a refreshing change. They truly comprehend our needs and provide tailored solutions.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Vanguard Cyber and Sam Vance to any business seeking top-tier IT services. They bring security, expertise, responsiveness, consistency, and a deep understanding of your business. The Omega Commercial Interiors has benefited immensely from their partnership, and I am confident that any organization will experience the same level of excellence and support.

Levi Conaway Accountant
Omega Commercial Interiors

We've been very happy with Vanguard Cyber. They've been a partner to our business in helping us plan and giving us the feeling that they are part of our team.

When we started with the relationship, Sam came in and walked us through where we were and helped map us a path to where we wanted to be. As most businesses do, we rely heavily on technology to run our business; however, I have seen many companies be hamstrung by technology running them. With Vanguard we have experienced that they genuinely want us to succeed. Preventing cyber-attacks has been a priority for them, as a single incident can cripple a small business to the point, they would not be able to recover.

The communication we have received with regular strategy meetings helps us know that we are on top of things, in the loop about the back end of the business and what is happening with things we can't see on a day-to-day basis.

I would encourage any business to consider Sam and his team, especially when personal service matters. A big factor that most businesspeople don't regularly deal with is the terminology and inner workings and concepts that IT/Tech issues are faced with. Vanguard has identified those items and helped articulate them in a way that makes sense for us to make informed decisions for our business.

David McCormick Owner and President of Omega Commercial Interiors

At first, I hesitated to reach out or submit a ticket. The mounting frustrations had taken a toll on me, both emotionally and physically. Uncertain if I could address the issues on my own, I eventually reached a point where I felt it was time to seek assistance. That's when I turned to Vanguard Cyber. Their support has been consistently helpful, prompt, and courteous, effectively resolving my concerns. Now, I rely on Vanguard Cyber regularly, not just to fix past issues but to navigate new challenges that arise almost daily. When you find yourself in need of assistance, consider reaching out to Vanguard Cyber. Feel free to ask for Sam or Garret and mention Charlie's referral

Charles Cook, CPA Charles Cook, CPA Member
Hess, Stewart, and Campbell